Misty Slopes

What is Missing Link?

Scientists have wondered for decades. Here's my answer.

Missing Link Artistry was established in 2020. It is a culmination of several years' worth of attempts to create an online graphic design portfolio (to replace my old-school page-protector-and-binder hard copy). Additionally, this brings together efforts to streamline and unify under a brand. 

My design repertoire is many-faceted, but I tend to gravitate towards logo design and other branding items. I have helped several clients give their businesses a "facelift", either replacing an outdated logo or creating a brand new identity.


Kesl Fencing (Elberon, IA)

Intertwined Farms (Swisher, IA)

Czech Heimat, LLC (Marion IA)

The Girl in the Chair (Online Blog)

Bohemi Sewing Studio (Ely, IA)

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